Almost a hundred and seventy million Nigerians had filled the skies with excitement and a sense of fulfilment on the day that Barrack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America. When he nailed Osama Bin Laden, vast swathes of Nigerian people became ecstatic about American military capability and its cool black President. To be fair whitefolks had just about as much claim on Barrack Obama because he was the son of a white woman, scarcely knew his Kenyan father and was shaped in the most part by his mother and white grand parents.

As President, Barrack Obama  created quite a few exciting moments in the folk lore like singing the Al Green classic ‘let’s stay together’ and being caught on camera kissing his wife Michelle at an exhibition game for the US Basketball team but he also deeply disappointed many in black Africa with his decidedly anti-christian stance on gay issues and matters bordering on the liberty of christian America to practise its beliefs. It has been dissillusioning for many christian men in Nigeria for whom Barrack Obama had been a tremendous role model to witness his transformation into the world’s most famous promoter of gay sex and his touted ‘post christian’ America’, causing quite a few somewhat ignorant but outspoken soft-sell Nigerian publications to speculate or even accuse Barrack Obama of being the anti-Christ.

This has not been an important issue for African Americans who live everyday with the issues of racism. In Africa, especially Nigeria where racism is not a daily reality, Barrack Obama’s advocacy of gay rights and even his attempt to bully some African Governments into reversing their anti-gay stance, had deeply offended millions.

Barrack Obama has blamed bigotry for the political rise of Donald J. Trump. Many Nigerians are however not resistant to the argument that Barrack Obama’s unchristian liberalism created the American appetite for a man like Donald Trump. A man who spits in the face of liberal bulshit political correctness. Liberals had shovelled so much bullshit into the American political conciousness that America needed a strong shock to be brought back to its senses. Bye Barrack.

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