If kindness and desire for the progress of Rivers State were the requirements for picking the next governor, Dumo Lulu-Briggs would be hard to beat. Unfortunately, there are other factors such as the size and potency of one’s political structure and the extent of one’s hold and influence on the party leadership. This is more so in the Rivers APC where the party faces an imminent process of producing a flagbearer in their agenda to wrest power from the incumbent governor in 2019.
Whether the Rivers APC party leader Rotim Amaechi admits it publicly or not, his most challenging political goal in 2019 will be winning the Rivers Governorship for the APC. He may not be as important as he was in winning President Buhari’s first term as it is most unlikely that the president’s campaign in 2019 will be caught up in a shortage of funds nor will he be up against a rival from the Niger Delta.
It is no longer a secret that the Rivers APC has factionalized over the gubernatorial ambition of Senator Magnus Abe. It is also public knowledge that Dumo Lulu Briggs, once a prominent PDP gubernatorial aspirant had defected to the APC with many of his supporters and has since become a prominent supporter of Rotimi Amaechi. It is not in doubt that Dumo Lulu Briggs harbors a gubernatorial ambition which many now speculate Amaechi views without opposition. Could that mean that Dumo Lulu Briggs is one of the aspirants including Dakuku Peterside, whom Amaechi is considering endorsing. In Kalabari, a lot of people see this possibility. One pundit, an experienced Buguma politician and businessman even raised the possibility that Amaechi could turn to Dumo Lulu Briggs DLB as the compromise candidate if his resistance of Abe’s campaign becomes deadlocked. Dakuku Peterside, Amaechi’s protege and Rivers APC 2015 Gubernatorial Candidate and DLB are the two most credible guber aspirants of Ijaw extraction and Amaechi is said to be working for the emergence of a Rivers governor of Ijaw extraction.
One thing is clear. Amaechi will only endorse the aspirant whom he figures will remain loyal through thick and thin. It is alleged that this desire could explain his reluctance to back Abe’s guber ambition even in 2015. Abe is a very smart and cunning operator and as a governor, will probably brook no godfather. As Abe’s political leader since their days in the


Rivers State House of Assembly, Abe and Amaechi know each other very well.
Dumo Lulu-Briggs is an independent minded man, a second generation politician, the son of a billionnaire, widely connected, a successful private sector operator. Does he fit the profile of the kind of man Amaechi wishes to endorse? Just how unpredictable is Rotimi Amaechi?

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