Look, this is not the Mafia. This is not organised crime. This is Riverspolitics. And I have to confess, taking the measure of Emma Okah, last night as he poured some golden liquid Dom Perignon into thr fluted glass in front of me, the thought forming in my heart all week crystallized. Wike has got his war time consiglere!
If you have not watched the Godfather then you may not know. But who has not watched the Godfather, anyway?  I have been trying to kick alchohol completely out of my life. I had never attended a media event organised by the Wike administration. Tam-George, the exiled commissioner did not even bother to know my name. He came across as an arrogant, shortsighted Kalabari brother. See how his commissionership ended. Last night, one sharp young man said that Tam-George had gained needed media experience working for Wike. Yeah, he was tossed in at the deep end. He swam for his life. The point is that it took Emma Okah becoming the commissioner for Information to get me to a Wike hosted Pleasure Park happy hour. And it did not take much. All Okah did was to invite me.
He recognized that the Port Harcourt media is not black and white. There is more to the Port Harcourt media than just Wike vs Amaechi. There is the great middleground of media proffessionals seeking objectivity and factuality.
Driving back from Pleasure Park, I was thinking: how will the APC checkmate this development. One prominent Port Harcourt editor had told me during the drinks and laughs session that the return of Emmah Okah to the Rivers Information and Communication ministry was a major move. Ofcourse, right from the start of the administration, almost every media player in the city had wondered why Wike had not sent his campaign media director Emma Okah straight to the info ministry in his first executive council. It looks now as if he was saving him for the decisive or perhaps vicious second half. Ofcourse Emma Okah is not a ruffian. Anyone expecting aggression and a loud-mouth will be dissappointed. Loud mouths lose their shine very quickly in this job; Emma Okah’s job. They stop where creativity, analytical thinking and knock-out moves begin.
So, who will the APC raise to counter Emma Okah? I can think of a few names.but let me not get ahead of myself. The Rivers APC has got a lot of fish to fry. Immediate past governor and super minister Rotimi Amaechi must first prove that he can terminate the Senator Magnus Abe challenge. After proving to his friend Abe that no one moves without his say-so in the Rivers APC, he will then signal to his war hardened but depleted victorious faction, which aspirant gets his endorsement; Dakuku, Dumo or Tonye. The emerging presumptive Rivers APC guber candidate can then begin to worry about rolling back the damage that Emma Okah would have piled especially if he can somehow win the loyalty of most of the PH media.
Honestly, I do not envy Amaechi right now. He’s got a mountain-load of challenges to clear between now and 2019 and there can be no doubt that Wike is banking on much of that stink being created by the war time consiglere. Like I said earlier, this is media and not mafia.


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