Verbal sparks fly between two prominent Akwa Ibomites. At the center of this conflict is the alleged imminent challenge of Governor Udom by Obong Nsima Ekere for the Akwa Ibom State Governorship in 2019. The first salvo in this match-up was rocketed by Anietie Usen, a veteran journalist, one of the pipneers of Newswatch Magazine, now a director at NDDC. He wrote: AKSG vs NDDC

Anietie Usen NDDC wrote:

Dear Mr. Enoidem:
(1) I think it is important for you and your team to begin, from now, to draw a clear distinction between your personal attacks on HE Nsima Ekere and the regional institution of NDDC.

(2) It is important also for us to know whether your political bitterness and verbal violence, are directed at the institution of NDDC or HE Ekere or both. For you or any other person jockeying for position in Akwa Ibom to drag NDDC into your game of easy money is not only objectionable but impolitic, counterproductive and dysfunctional.

(3) It is my frank suggestion that politicians can still gun for your Golden Fleece without soiling the regional agency, pulling it down or injecting a bad blood between NDDC and Akwa Ibom State. NDDC may not be perfect but it is certainly the only semblance of government presence in many communities across the Niger Delta.

(4) Note that HE Nsima Ekere has only served as MD/CEO of NDDC for about six months now. HE Ekere or the APC government therefore could never have been responsible for your so-called NDDC failures, which took place under the 16 years of PDP appointees, among whom you were a sort of star.

(5) I look forward to addressing this and other issues with you when we meet. For now, simply leave NDDC out of your political games, please.


Emmanuel Enoidem is a PDP politician who has served as a commissioner and in other capacity. He replied;

Good evening.
Welcome to this forum.
I certainly wouldn’t want to join issues with you on your very misplaced position here as someone I respect over the years. But you appear  in this discourse as a total stranger and you have embarked on position and joined issues on what you don’t seem to have any scintilla of knowledge or facts about.

I hope you are still the thorough bred Anietie Usen, my friend and brother, I used to know or have you been  changed by time and circumstances.
Please I will love to know if you are speaking as the media assistant of the MD, Nsima Ekere or as the public relations officer of nddc.

Your opinion here are obviously misconceived
and jaundiced. It does not appear to draw any strength from either the conversions at hand to which I aired my opinion nor does it seems to draw any inspiration or warrant from my opinion. It does not also have any reference to the historically appalling, abysmal failures, very disappointing performances of the agency which records are available in the public domain over the years.

So your views are totally destitute of the context.
I am surprised that you are still at nddc. You would’ve been there for more than 10years, I guess, yet you are not aware of the limitations of the failed agency called nddc.

For the more than 10 years you have been there, I have never heard you defend nddc on performance on any platform, as obviously there was nothing to defend.

Anietie,  I used to know you as someone who would not lie. I think all that has changed.

Please be informed that nddc has been very unfair to Akwa Ibom and our people working there have been too timid to draw the attention of the agency to the injustice agains Akwa Ibom State. If you want to know how hopeless nddc is come to my village in Etim Ekpo and see a road they wanted to do many years ago. Am sure you will apologize for this piece.

Anietie, my brother you will be the only person in nigeria or maybe Niger delta who will dare praise nddc on performance. If you attempt to do this it will be a serious assault on history and the cold facts in the public domain.

Anietie, Emmanuel Enoidem fears no one. When it comes to dealing with the truth I do it without fear or favour. I say it the way it is because I have courage in abundance.

I can’t remember attacking Nsima Ekere as far as the discussion on the malfeasance of nddc is concerned not because I owe him a duty to defend him or hold his brief. But I remember making some suggestions which I owe you no apology.

Again, when I did this it wasn’t for any political reason. We were discussing how to protect Akwa Ibom in nddc which you have abdicated from doing for well over ten years in nddc. When time for politics comes,  as a PDP strong member,  I will make sure that we stand up to protect and defend the party properly.

My position to defend Akwa Ibom state is not predicated or actuated by any venal reasons or expectation of any reward from any quarter. It is not because I want position. I am in PDP, my Governor, HE, Udom Emmanuel is PDP, he is my choice comes 2019. Everybody who cares knows this.
So please withdraw your piece and apologize.
Thank you
Emmanuel Enoidem


Anietie Usen


Emmanuel Enoidem

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