Magnus Abe has many friends. Magnus Abe has many enemies. Abe is the most brilliant Rivers senator since he left his job as Secretary to the Rivers State Government. But the vagaries of Rivers politics have conspired to keep Abe outside the Nigerian Senate since the current session kicked off. It has been a revelation.

During this time Abe has kept busy redefining the Ogoni dominated politics of Rivers South East, rallying Ogoni youth, confering with royal fathers, dropping in unexpectedly at villages to comfort the bereaved and to rejoice with those with a reason to celebrate. It has not been easy to miss the ubiquity of Senator Abe in the socio-political fabric of Rivers South East in the past one year. Who does not know his role in the Ogoni clean-up agenda? If that has been a political campaign, it would mean that Abe has mounted the most enduring senatorial political presence ever witnessed in that zone. I have perceived that he has spent a fortune in personal funds just to keep up with the untiring expectation of his people. I can not imagine any other time when the challenge of returning back to the senate has exacted such personal cost. Abe would have thrown in the towel, if indeed he was not driven by a desire not to disappoint his people.

I think that Senator Magnus Abe has cut a niche in the heart of his people. His senatorial rival has been paling into insignificance as Magnus Abe took center stage in hearts. Olaka Wogu is a decent chap but no match for Magnus Abe in the politics of Rivers South East. The real question on every one’s mind right now is whether Governor Wike who presently calls the shots in Rivers politics would allow the level playing field that Abe needs to return to the National Assembly. As former governor Rotimi Amaechi has also promised ‘security for security’, one wonders when all the political vectors will finally equilibrate to do justice to Rivers State’s smartest politician. Please return Magnus Abe to the senate.


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