She was not pleased with the situation. A woman who truly believes in her husband’s mission may not go quietly when confronted by a development which threatens not only to scupper the mission but also to dislodge her from her position in the scheme of things. Her complaint was of such a serious nature that after probably repeatedly failing to get her husband to act on it, she had to find a more creative way to get his attention. It is not in the nature of a strong woman to allow outsiders to conduct nefarious activities in her backyard even if her husband would prefer to turn a blind eye. The mother is the keeper of the home and anyone who underestimates the woman of the house is on a slippery slope. Aso Villa is Aisha Buhari’s home until 2019 and she was simply giving notice to her husband that things would need to change in the villa otherwise her heart would not be in the renewal of their present living arrangements. Aisha was sending PMB a message and not really the public. We only heard the message because she had reached a point where she had no other option but to recruit the BBC, Nigerians and the international community for she had come to realise; after seeing her husband transform from hardened general to principled democrat, after seeing him attend a service at RCCG, after witnessing his super human sacrifice to become the Nigerian hope; she had realised with the instinct of a wife that BBC, Nigerians and the international community were among the three groups that PMB would do his damndest not to dissappoint. She knew without a doubt that the operation on which she was about to embark to get her husband’s attention could be very dangerous. And so, knowing the probability of dire repercusions, Aisha Buhari still sat down to that interview, thinking a bit like that biblical Jewish queen Esther, ‘if I perish, I perish’. Let no one imagine that Aisha Buhari did not know the risks inherent in her action.

Aisha Buhari is a woman devoted to her husband and probably, the utter sense of the dangers posed to her husband’s mission and reputation and ofcourse to her place and hope as the first lady had braced her and propelled her to desperate action. In a sense, she was doing it to stem the slide of her husband’s administration into infamy, to keep hope alive regarding the dream of a hundred and seventy million Nigerians that Buhari would be the change agent whom Nigerians had voted for. Aisha risked everything to stop her husband from ending up as yet another paragraph of failure in the history of Nigeria. Aisha cried out to the world to refocus her husband, to remind him of the great dreams he had for Nigeria; to jolt him back to realise that his twelve years of super-human sacrifice on the presidential trail, the decision of Bola Tinubu to risk his political legacy by reccommending him to the Yoruba, the struggle of Rotimi Amaechi and the rebel governors from PDP and the expectation of a praying nation should not be abandoned on the altar of accommodating the selfish and nefarious interests of those few conspirators who have attached a string. It is hoped that Aisha Buhari will emerge victorious from this struggle to save her husband and better Nigeria.

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