As a freshman or a first year undergraduate student at University of Ibadan, Benedict Ayade had submitted in his admission form that he was born in 1966, March 2. He had to provide a birth certificate or an afidavit duly sworn to confirm this information as a condition that must be fulfilled to gain full admission into the university. In an afidavit deposed to by his brother Frank Ayade, thirty one years later in 2015, Frank claimed that his brother Ben Ayade was not issued a birth certificate at birth. Frank Ayade however revealed that his brother’s birthday was recorded in the family notes and it was 1968.
Ben Ayade graduated with a bachelor of Science in Microbiology, gained his MSc two years later in 1990 and eventually eventually obtained his Phd in 1994. The University of Ibadan records have shown that he became younger by a year when he joined the university academic staff. His date of birth changed in the university records from 1966 to 1968. The day and month remained unchanged. This would agree with the afidavit deposed to by his brother Frank in 2015. But as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Ben Ayade changed his date of birth for the third time. He joined the league of those born in 1969. He had provided afidavits thrice to back his different age declarations apart from the one in which his brother was the deponent. Just how many times had Ben Ayade perjured himself in the official age business?





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