Diezani Largesse: How top bank Director, Dauda Lawal, waded into troubled waters
Greed, inordinate lust for acclaim led ‘banking big boy’ to his waterloo· His curious need to change cars thrice in a single work day.
By Tolani Adebayo
All universal moral principles are idle fancies in the world of Dauda Lawal. In Lawal’s world, banking ethics and the rule of law are overrated moral constructs hence his unabashed contempt for the norms of commerce and societal conduct. Like the proverbial merchant of Sicily, driven by lust for inordinate riches, Lawal nurtured no inhibitions in his pursuit of riches, unearned riches to be precise.
This explains his willingness to play ball with for



Dauda Lawal

mer petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, in grand plot financial felonies. Lawal, an Executive Director (ED) in charge of Public Affairs at the First Bank of Nigeria (FBN), was recently arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for allegedly helping Diezani launder about $55million.
But in a shocking reaction to his arrest, First Bank, according to The Capital findings has denied Lawal and his shady transaction. The bank is claiming ignorance that any such transaction took place with its knowledge. A highly placed source revealed that the bank has told the EFCC that Lawal acted in his “private capacity” as a bosom friend of the former petroleum minister who is under watch by law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom over grievous money laundering charges.
The die is indeed cast for Lawal; further findings revealed that the embattled First Bank Executive Director set himself up for disgrace by his excessive greed and lust for quick money. Sources within First Bank disclosed that he had always carried himself around like a Lord of other people’s manor. Lawal allegedly displayed the proclivities of a man perpetually angling to hit a fortune, particularly through illicit channels.
So desperate was he to be identified as a billionaire and banking big boy, that he resorted to startling measures and shenanigans to achieve his aim. For instance, besides his unforgivable haughtiness and penchant to play snob, Lawal was given to undue ostentation which often elicited unfavourable comments and impressions about him among his colleagues.
Lawal was brazen in his display of wealth; he reportedly brought three different posh automobiles to work on a single work day. Lawal allegedly went back home twice in one day to bring three different cars to work in his bid to establish himself as a filthy rich banker.
He incurred a bad reputation for himself among both senior and junior staff of First Bank by his penchant to turn up his nose at everyone. Thus no sooner did he get arrested by the EFCC than his employers and colleagues disowned him, claiming he acted outside the sphere of his legitimate duties as an employee of First Bank.
Dauda Lawal joined the Board of First Bank in 2012 and until his appointment as Executive Director, North, he was Executive Director, Public Sector, North. He was previously Executive Vice President, Public Sector (North), and held several management positions within the Bank including Business Development Manager (BDM), Maitama Abuja, where he grew the Bank’s business with the Abuja Metropolis as his principal remit.
He has over 26 years post qualification experience which covers commercial and public sector banking. Dauda’s dexterity has recorded strong achievements in his present function as Executive Director. He is a two-time recipient of the FirstBank CEO Merit Award for Outstanding Performance as the “Best Business Development Manager” in 2006 and “The Most Enterprising Staff” in 2009. He is happily married with children and enjoys reading and travelling.
In Lawal’s descent, many other accidental deep pockets have probably learnt few had lessons on the dos and don’ts of executive banking, morality and citizenship. This are certainly the worst of times for the First Bank director. Perhaps Lawal’s colleagues on the bank’s board of directors would take pity on him and rise to his defence given the fact that he also made a great deal of money for the bank while he feathered his private nest.

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