If a foreigner such as the American President could offer advice on Brexit then a gentleman from a former British colony might as well be forgiven for doing so. Britain contributed to the man that I am. Brexit is more real to me than Buhari’s 2016 budget.

Seeing the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom hussling for the opportunity for Britain to remain in a Germany-controlled Europe really brought home to me the reality that the sun had set on the British empire. There is no doubt that to remain in the inner circle of tne ever closer European Union, Britain must embrace the second fiddle role. The European Union is the empire that the Third Reich could not build by military conquest. As the Trump train leaves the station, one must learn to say the things that others shrink from saying. Angela Merkel is the compassionate face of German domination of Europe. The time will come when Germany will be more forthright about being in charge.

The British isles, a kingdom of traders who projected their greatness all over the world, reshaping the world in the English language now wants to retreat into a developing federal Europe because of the fear of the future. The United Kingdom which ruled the world is now afraid to go it alone. It is the death of the great British sense of adventure.  Brexit is in the final analysis a choice between fading into a monstrous apocalyptic Europe or having the cojones to rise alone.

Where is the Britain of Churchil? If Obama really understood Churchil, he will not have advised Britain to find shelter in Europe. Obama has always lacked what Churchil had. Faith



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