The plot is clear. Saraki will be found guilty. Then he will no longer be eligible to hold the Senate Presidency. This is why the EFCC and CCT are collaborating in this matter: all hands on deck; to oust Saraki from the senate presidency; a job that must be done even if it means that the senate will be paralysed by crisis. He defied, outsmarted and embarassed the party leadership. He must pay for it. He may not go to jail;  he will appeal and win before the process is exhausted at the Supreme Court. It is clear enough that a witch-hunt is underway.
Tinubu is suspected to be the spear-head though presidential support is crucial to maintain this witch-hunt of the third most senior government official in the country. Bola Tinubu faced a similar case at the CCT. The judge has brazenly admitted that he made the wrong call in Tinubu’s case. In other words, he intends to make things right with Saraki. He let Tinubu walk, he intends to do no such thing with Saraki. Saraki will be the sacrificial lamb. It would be easy to believe that the lead counsel for the prosecution, Rotimi Jacobs and the CCT chairman who is not yet a judge are harmoniously carrying out their responsibility.
Recently, when the tribunal chairman wanted to throw out one of Saraki’s defence counsels, Rotimi Jacobs was so at ease with the progress of the case that he found time to plead on behalf of the defence counsel. What generousity! The CCT charman is presiding over charges investigated by the EFCC. Was this not supposed to be about false declaration of assets? The lead prosecution counsel is a decorated EFCC lawyer. The star witness Wetkas who has fumbled terribly is an EFCC investigator. Where are the code of conduct people? It would seem that the EFCC charges have been loaded in, should the false declaration of assets kite fail to fly. Is this the hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob? Saraki must be convicted by all means.This matter is so important to the presidency to warrant a joint task force of the CCT and EFCC; inter-agency co-operation. Oluyede’s behavior in refusing to sit down at the chairman’s order is hardly surprising. One suspects that he would have wanted the chairman to go all the way by jailing him for contempt to underline his protest.
Is there really a conflict of interest? Has the handshake between the rather young chairman and the EFCC gone too far? Is it clear, as alleged that the chairman will doggedly hang on to the script until Saraki is found guilty and asked to step down?
Perhaps, there is a glimmer of hope on the Saraki side. The CCT chairman Danladi Umar is no stranger to Saraki’s lead counsel. Danladi Umar was once a lawyer in the firm of Kanu Agabi and Associates. People allege that Danladi Umar is executing a government script. How would he feel executing such a script against the interest and reputation of his former employer and mentor. Such a situation should be wrought with conflicting emotions. Can the chairman remain a neutral arbiter in the face of these conflicting emotions? Oluyede claims he is already in cahoots with the EFCC. Add to it the matter of a natural defefence or even reverence to a major influence and teacher in the shaping of his career as a lawyer. Danladi Umar is quite emotionally invested in this matter. No need to pretend about that. His loss of temper, change of schedule and relationship to EFCC, Rotimi Jacob and Kanu Agabi are eloquent testimonies. This man has been sent on a dangerous mission. For the good of Nigeria, he should recuse himself from this trial otherwise it would never be seen as a fair trial and would leave an indelible blot on the president’s anti-corruption credentials. It will prove that sooner or later Nigerian rulers end up using the nation’s anti-graft bodies to settle political scores. When the EFCC rushed to give Danladi Umar, a clean bill of health, they left the Nigerian public in no doubt about a joint effort to bring down the top legislator.

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