The first time I heard VP Osinbajo suggest nuclear power for Nigeria, I wondered why such a brilliant man should recommend such a disastrous project for Nigeria. Now I hear that our president has been suggesting such nuclear ambition to Obama. Not an indigenously developed nuclear energy project but one contracted from abroad, probably American.

I think that Buhari is courting disaster in the way of a nuclear ambition. Jonathan had also prattled such nonsense. A country which was importing tooth-pick until recently wants to run a nuclear energy program. A country where terrorists and kidnappers run amok wants to site a nuclear plant. The United States might as well pass on nuclear secrets to Boko Haram. This is a country that can not even protect its crude oil from thieves. This is a country where the Talakawa can just decide to invade a nuclear plant. A country where even the father of its president was once kidnapped by militants and the incumbent president was almost blown away by Boko Haram during his campaign. If President Obama is serious about global nuclear security then he should not even think about allowing a nuclear plant in Nigeria.

Countries such as Russia and Japan which are among the most technologically advanced countries in the world are still reeling from the impact of nuclear accident. It will take many generations for them to overcome the terrible effects of nuclear radiation. F


amilies, communities and cities have died or fled because of nuclear radio-active emission. It is petrifying to hear of the president of an extremely technologically backward and unscrupulously corrupt nation seeking nuclear power. The Nigerian President must not allow dumb advisers to prod him into advertising bold ignorance on the international stage. He is running a nation so backward in technology, security and the rule of law that he has no business seeking nuclear power at a global nuclear security meeting or anywhere for that matter. Nuclear power of any kind in the hands of a Nigerian government is a scary thought. The Buhari administration needs to be realistic about Nigeria’s capacity and spare us from a needless danger of future nuclear holocaust.

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