n a nationwide investigation to discover the best quality cement in Nigeria, cement dealers, block molders and consumers in Port Harcourt’s main cement depot at Biulding Materials Market, Mile 3 have voted BUA Cement as the best. Building Materials Market, Mile 3,Port Harcourt is the hub of the cement trade in the Niger Delta region.This survey, being carried out by Andy Briggs Report, a Port Harcourt based magazine can be followed online at andybriggsreport.me.

A few dealers who spoke to Andy Briggs Report also pointed out that Ibeto Cement, a popular local favorite was no longer available in the market due to its maker’s problems with the Federal Government of Nigeria. Elephant Cement made by Lafarge WAPCO was voted the secon best quality cement in the market but was only available in very limited quantity. Dangote 3X was voted third in quality. In a reaction to this development, Dangote Group head of corporate communication Mr. Anthony Chiejina described the results from Port Harcourt as a ‘blanket of lies’.

The investigation is focused on the 42.5mps grade of cement which has been recommended and standardised by SON as the proper cement for building. Andy Briggs Report is expected to carry out further polling in other cities including Enugu, Onitsha, Benin, Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Kaduna and Kano. Some of the reasons given by those in the Port Harcourt industry for prefering BUA Cement to Elephant and Dangote 3X include the idea that BUA cement dries faster, its blocks do not fragment as much as Elephant Cement and Dangote 3X block. BUA Cement blocks also retain a darker colour. The search for Nigeria’s best quality cement continues on Andy Briggs Report.



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