Do stop being unfair to Donald Trump. How can he take responsibility for the actions of those who slip into the Chicago venue of his campaign to be unruly and start a fight in the name of a protest. No doubt, it was organised. Why not protest outside the venue? After all, he paid for the venue. You don’t come to a man’s party to break it. That’s provocation. The campaign has lost money because of these protesters who came to block Donald’s right to free speech. It can not be denied that some of Trump’s statements have seemed to justify some violence. Yet, this group of people bringing confrontation to his campaign venues are inexcusable. If you don’t agree with a candidate, then expend yourself in working for the victory of your prefered candidate. You don’t invade one’s campaign because you don’t agree with him. To do so is thuggery and not a defence of civil rights and CNN reports are condoning this abuse of Mr. Trump’s right by ignoring the issue and wondering if the rampage is not a situation created by Trump.


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