Eye-Witness reflections from Andy Briggs.
APC at once became a force in Rivers and eventually lost Rivers as a result of a series of decisions made by its Rivers leader Rotimi Amaechi. The APC which became a powerful force in Rivers was convened, ruled and empowered by Governor Rotimi Amaechi. It was simply the Amaechi camp, renamed with a new set of alliances after he was overpowered by loyalists of President Jonathan in the struggle inside the PDP. Amaechi’s battle against Jonathan and the opportunistic back-lash spear-headed by his successor Governor Nyesom Wike led, respectively to the rise and defeat of the APC in Rivers State. Amaechi’s battle against Jonathan made him famous, cut him a niche in the APC heirachy as well as in Buhari’s gratitude but ultimately led to his electoral humiliation in Rivers State. The defeat of his protege and APC Rivers gubernatorial candidate Dakuku Peterside was the blow that finished off any hope of recovery but this must be underpinned by the fact that ever since Wike, supported to the hilt by the impunity of the Jonathans, orchestrated the most humiliating rout of Pro-Amaechi forces at the 2015 General Elections, Amaechi’s APC camp had been on a desperate but rather late fight back to reverse Wike2016/02/img_0186.jpg‘s damning invasion. Beyond the loss of a strategically placed state to the new ruling party, it
was a personal humiliation and indictment of Governor Amaechi to be so completely politically ransacked and absolutely publicly beaten by his former chief of staff. He became the rebel Governor who risked all to see President Jonathan’s political demise, only to be, himself politically devastated at home. Was that the historic price Amaechi had to pa
y for being one of the chief conspirators in the assassination of Jonathan’s second term dream? Was it the penalty for not recognizing his nemesis, early enough? Did Amaechi make the mistake that would devastate his political hold on Rivers State when he was yet an inchoate political leader of Rivers State? Stay tuned.


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