There is a sense of growing disappointment with President Buhari. Alongside this is another contention that Nigeria would be in a far more devastating situation if President Jonathan had won another term. There are those who now feel that Nigeria was not offered much of a choice in the 2015 election:; having to choose between a dithering, corrupt president and on hindsight, a dictatorial blunt instrument of a president. There should be no doubt however that the bleeding of the Nigerian treasury has slowed down under Buhari’s anti-corruption mission which is clearly targeted at recovering the loot stashed away by PDP politicians. Fair enough, one may concede but as one semi-iliterate Biafran supporter asked recently; ‘are there no looters in the APC?’ There is no doubt that President Buhari’s seemingly partial approach to bringing looters to justice seems more like a witch-hunt of his political opponents with each new day. Why would Olisa Metuh who has never signed any government cheque be fighting for his life at the EFCC while former APC governors who have allegations of corruption hanging over their heads are having the time of their lives as ministers. It seems as if the president is just bluffing about belonging to nobody.
After bashing the president for many months, even forcing a national apology from  the hardened general, the new year has brought some relief bringing hopes that perhaps other national problems which are giving the president a bloody nose may soon slow down. Certainly Baba Buhari will say Amen to that. In the fervor of imminent electoral victory, Sai Buhari promised to bring the value of the naira to equal the dollar; that is, one naira would exchange for one dollar. Presently, the naira is almost at free fall or atleast floating downwards. I should leave that to Emefiele. Businessmen are opening dollar accounts outside Nigeria to have access to more American dollars for importation. The black market dominated by Northerners is very unhappy with Buhari.
For 2016, Buhari has presented a budget which he hopes to finance by taking the country deeper into debt. The president recently made unprecedented corrections to a budget already presented to the legislature. Crude oil, the main stay of the economy is certainly threatening to become as cheap as water or atleast beer. The president is hanging on to the little money left, playing minister of petroleum when he needs to play minister of economic diversification or atleast minister of agriculture. In his pursuit of the former NSA Dasuki and the Biafran delinquent Nnamdi Kanu, court orders have become subservient to presidential decrees.
It is not as if President Buhari does not mean well. Within the limits of his humanity, Buhari really wants to make a change. He has tried seriously to subject his no nonsense military iron will to democratic indulgence. He could have thrown Jonathan behind bars by now while Dasuki, Kanu, Metuh and Polo could be singing. He has not done that and one hopes that he should never yield to the temptation. How good is the president’s legal team?  As long as President Buhari hopes to retain a global reputation as a democratic reformer, the only way that he can get billions from these alleged looters is to beat them in court and not in jail. Beyond hearsay and confessions under duress, EFCC is yet to show a documentary line of connection tracing loots like the so-called money-for-arms into the alleged pockets. Buhari needs a great plan. He has acknowledged that he did not come to Aso Rock alone. Quite noble of him but it would seem tha he forgot to bring along a plan. Now, if one may be so bold as to advice Mr. President, one would suggest that he should return to the most creative leader in his party, the same way that he stuck with the man when he had no way of beating Jonathan. Tiniubu has his shortcomings but he sure knows how to win. Don’t forget sir, there is no Fashola without Tinubu. Get my drift?  Shon sir!.

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