First of all, Dakuku Peterside should not have been doing the work of the ALGON PRO, puting himself in a tight spot by going to Channels to condemn the ruling of a judge over the hastily arranged council election. It must not be forgotten that the council election was a stroke occasioned by the Rivers APC’s devastating loss in the face of the electoral brigandage masterminded by Wike and backed by Mama Peace whose powers have since diminished. Even then I told Governor Amaechi that it would not work because Wike would send the chairmen packing, once he became Governor. It was plain common sense and not rocket science but Amaechi ignored this. I sympathize with the good men and women ( chairmen and councillors who were sold a dummy ). They must have spent a fortune by now, keeping up appearances and awaiting the release of their first allocation. Experienced and wily,Wike has sat tight. Now, he has acquired a court judgement, fair or not, which gives him a good enough cover to block the release of funds to these hastily elected twenty two gentlemen, some of whom are my friends. At the heart of all these are the money issue and preparations for a probable guber-rerun. It is soberingly clear to me that Wike continues to top Amaechi and Dakuku in strategic planning and tactical warfare. I wish it was not so but wishes are not horses.

Secondly, as the Rivers APC guber candidate Dakuku should not have diminished his guber profile, wrestling in a debate with Wike’s aide, even my good friend Emma Okah, the incumbent Rivers commissioner for Housing and a very experienced government media player. Worse still, Dakuku should not have initiated verbal warfare with a man who had nothing to lose from the process, eventually ending on the Jankara lawyer and cultist tags. These have overtaken everything else.

Anyway, nothing gives anyone the right to disobey a judge. The arguments about the legality or otherwise of Justice Akanbi’s ruling is only academic. The only way to set it aside is to head back to court. But Achi Wobodo made one outstanding observation that ‘ APC, the elected council chairmen have already filed an appeal against the judgement of Justice Akanbi. They have 90 days within the Law to do so, but they have done so already, so they remain chairmen of the various LGA pending the determination of appeal.’ This could take ages while Wike sits on the money and dishes some out to his caretakers. Most importantly, it is time for Amaechi to begin to listen to people again and for Dakuku to build capacity. That is the only way that they can catch up with Wike.

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