A committed Amaechi supporter recently told me that it would be very unfair of Buhari, if he does not make Amaechi his SGF. His reason for this conclusion was simple. Buhari could not have become presiident without the roles played by Amaechi.

No one in the know can gainsay the fact that Amaechi risked life and fortune for the actualisation of Buhari’s presidency but Buhari never promised Amaechi the SGF position as payback. As a matter of fact, it does not seem as if Buhari promised anybody anything. He mortgaged nothing. No one was shrewd enough to tie the old general to specific commitments in return for thei huge sacrifices. The fierce desire to oust Jonathan worked wonders, billions of naira were mobilized, Tinubu surrendered his vice presidential ambition, Atiku refused to move camp after taking a drubbing and ultimately even the mighty Jonathan conceded without regard for injury time. That is why Buhari could declare at his inauguration, ‘I belong to everybody. I belong to nobody.’

As the President’s confidence grows, none of the generals of the common sense revolution are anymore as sure of President Muhammadu Buhari as they would like to be. They are all hoping that the new dispensation would not become a nightmare.

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