Wanted: A man to neutralize Wike in Obio-Akpor.


There can be no doubt that when Governor Amaechi picked Tony Okocha to take over the office previously occupied by Nyesom Wike as chief of staff, it was hoped that he would eclipse Nyesom Wike, at least in Obio-Akpor but less than ten months to go in the life of the Amaechi administration, Nyesom Wike continues to be a formidable rival influence to the governor in Obio-Akpor. As a junior minister, he has become so formidable that the traditional ruler of his village could land in trouble for accepting a generator gift from the immediate past care taker council chairman Chikordi Dike. Wike’s determination to dominate Obio-Akpor was so dangerously displayed by the crowd of Rumuomasi youth who dared to throw stones and water sachets at the governor’s entourage during the first leg of his tour of Obio-Akpor and it would have been interesting to see how the governor would have neutralized the violence which was put together in Rumuepirikom to discourage him from entering Wike’s village, if the tour had not been postponed to mourn the late caretaker mayor of Port Harcourt. Entering Wike’s village remains a challenge which the governor must accept to prove his mastery of Obio-Akpor which is clearly an objective that his chief of staff is yet to achieve. Obio-Akpor is still a battle ground, though there are people who would prefer to think otherwise, on both sides of the political argument.

It would seem that despite the efforts of Tony Okocha, Nyesom Wike remains very strong in Obio-Akpor. As if to buttress this, Wike was recently challenged to a debate by the present care-taker council chairman Lawrence Chuku. While that seemed to excite a few people on social media, no one asked if Wike, a minister would have any reason to want to engage a caretaker council chairman in verbal fisticuffs, especially one he had severely oppressed in the past. It is clearly obvious that Governor Amaechi is yet to find the man to cut Wike down in Obio-Akpor and would need to do it himself because time is running out.

No wonder, Wike with all his allegedly kleptomaniac past remains confident enough to take a swipe at the office of the chief of staff and indeed at Tony Okocha, claiming in an interview that ‘ the office of the chief of staff died when I left office in 2011. Governor Amaechi would not have heard this problems when I was there.’ What a nerve!

Stung by this attack Okocha exploded, ‘Wike probably meant that corruption died when he left office. I am sure he meant that stealing, criminal acquisition died when he left office.’ Then Okocha goes on to talk about his loyalty to the governor. Is that what the public wants to hear?

Okocha’s loyalty is not in doubt. Why would he not be loyal ? What the governor probably needs is the man to neutralize Wike in Obio-Akpor. It should be very crucial to the camp of the governor. Wike is the only headache right now, in the Rivers PDP.


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