imageDear Governor Rotimi Amaechi, you have helped banish boredom from the politics of the past few months. Your exploits and blunders ever since you allegedly ambushed Bamanga Tukur made you the hottest item of political gossip from the presidency to the motor-parks, from corporate boardrooms to market places and from Abonnema to Zamfara. Never before had the ruling party been so weakened. Nobody in the party had so openly rebelled against a president since Atiku Abubakar and Orji Kalu. Never before had the credibility of the president been so challenged. Never before had the Nigerian Governors Forum come so close to overwhelming the authority of the Nigerian president and commander-in-chief. The question will still be asked, if the NGF is inimical to political stability ? Can you imagine the events you would have triggered, if the president had yielded to your ultimatum to remove the party chairman. He would have become your puppet. Did you really imagine that you were in the position to issue ultimatums to the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ? Perhaps oneday you will finally agree to answer these questions in an interview with AB Report. Once I heard you remind your friends in Port Harcourt that they were now dealing with the Governor of Rivers State and not Rotimi Amaechi. Would this also not apply to you, the President of Nigeria and Goodluck Jonathan ? It is not too late to take your own advice.

Many people have raged about the principles for which you are battling but I prefer to concern myself with the sustainability of your trajectory. You have whipped up quite a storm, sir. I respect your courage.

Many of my friends who are your supporters have pointed at the visit of Chief Tony Annenih as proof that the party can not do without you. They buttress this with Annenih’s gallant declaration that you are a force in the PDP.

I would advice you not to let that get to you. Annenih, probably the most experience political strategist around came with clearly defined goals. – to stop the bloodletting in the party and keep any governor from decamping from the largest party in Africa. Sharp and analytical, Annenih has seperated the issue of personal ambition from the need for party unity. You are the leader of the party in Rivers State and you are entitled to have your say in the national party but not necessarily your way. Differences of opinion should be no reason to jump boat as long as you are given your due. The president must also be given his due. It goes without saying. It must not be forgotten that Annenih as chairman of the party’s board of trustees came with the approval of the party leader, the president.

Since, my dear governor, you have to the relief of many pledged to stay in the PDP; you must remember that a third party can only encourage reconciliation; finding real reconciliation will be a matter of the heart between you and the president. That is the real challenge especially as you have not passed up any opportunity to make the taciturn president look bad. You have added to his bad press.

The records show that you both like to take your pound of flesh even if the president is terribly patient about it. You never really forgave those who did not support your court battles to become Governor of River State and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan paid James Ibori and Timipre Sylva in their own coins though he forgave some of those who sought to frustrate his rise to an acting president in 2009. Frankly, there is the danger that if you do not decamp to another party and do not seek the fullest reconciliation with your estranged party leader, you might need to start laying plans for the second half of 2015 when Godwilling, President Jonathan would be doing a second term while you will be out of Government House, Port Harcourt. Even if you seek forgiveness like your man Sylva, only after May 29, 2015 can you be certain that you have been forgiven. I am an optimist and my advice is simple. Use the force which Annenih confirmed for full reconciliation and not for taking on the president anymore..

Finally, do not see it as a disappointment if you do not get a second term as the chairman of the NGF. It would be a blessing for Rivers State because the state will then get your undivided attention.

Warm regards,
Andy Briggs


  1. very wise advise

  2. Ambrose Kii // May 5, 2013 at 5:50 am // Reply

    I think we are a democratic nation in which nobody is above the law including the president. But In Nigeria, the president is above the law and can do anything without caution. We are scared because Gov Sylvia was forcefully pushed out of office by the president, therefore we should all be slaves to some wrong decisions taken at the federal level. If I were Gov. Amaechi, I rather go than to be puppet to a dictator. I will make a history rather playing dumb to a regime that is unfair to it citizens, especially old Rivers people of Bayelsa and Rivers.

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