Why Are Ogonis Not Crazy About Abe ?

AB Report recently posted this question on Facebook about Rivers State gubernatorial hopeful Senator Magnus Abe. The response was spontaneous. Below are some of the responses, mostly from Ogonis.

Victor Kerenwin:
Abe is my only pride in Ogoniland.Those who hate him in Ogoniland donot hate him because he has wronged them but because he represents light and they hate light.
March 26 at 3:59pm.
Anayochukwu Agbo:
Abe is a perfect gentle man; y would the Ogonis ‘despise’ him? This is a witch hunt, no doubt! March 26 at 4:00pm ·
Bon Woke Chymene:
No man is a saint in his home front especially in politics. March 26 at 4:03pm ·
Wisdom Oyeni Akari:
Make una go sleep, which light are you talking about? Magnus Abe can brought viewed from many sides depending on which. The cons outweigh the pros. Inbox me for a clinical analysis. March 26 at 4:05pm
Young Kpininwa:
Well, he is eminently qualify 2 represent us in d senate, but he need 2 be generous 2wards d ogoni people, bcos he is a politician and nt a civil servant. March 26 at 4:10pm
Blessing Wikina:
Andy, facts r sacred, comments r free. But u can’t speak or assert for Ogonis. One fact is clear. Magnus Abe won election to RSHA not on PDP ticket then. Its only popular candidates who win election on opposition tickets in Nigeria. He became a Senator on PDP platform, flooring an incumbent Senator. Andy, ur use of d word ‘despise’ does not apply here. ‘Assertion’ by my understanding means dt Magnus had asserted his acceptability on all platforms.. March 26 at 4:11pm
James Braide:
I don’t believe he is despised by Ogonis. How did he win the elections then? March 26 at 4:16pm.
AkpoBari Celestine:
Occupying governmental office is all about servicing the people you represent and the equitable and prudent allocation of scarce resources to all the ethnic nationalities that make up ones area of jurisdiction . In spite of the fact that we have a University of Port Harcourt in ikwerre land, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has in that spirit, relocated University of Science & Technology to a location that is only a few poles from UniPort; this is in addition to the socalled Greater Port Harcourt which is designed to shift government attention to his part of Ikwerre to the detriment of other ethnic groups. Looking back Senator Magnus Abe, what can we point at in Ogoni as projects influenced by him despite being in the House of Assembly, Commissioner, Secretary to State Government, and now Senator! Senator Lee Maeba also has nothing to show for his tenure than his mansion in port Harcourt. March 26 at 4:18pm
Arthur Amesi:
I am nt from ogoni but my advce to the ogonis is to join hand and support.Sen.magnus Abbe for governor 2015. March 26 at 4:27pm
Barinua Daniel:
A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops under his command make him and Men are governed only by serving them; the rule is without exception.. March 26 at 4:32pm
Christian Barry:
MR. Magnus Abe is the man for 2015 for governor R/s. March 26 at 4:53pm
Victor Barima Wifa:
@A B, the truth here is that the Ogoni people do not despise Magnus, the only thing here is like his predecessor,Magnus do not reach out to the Ogoni people, those he claim to be representing.what ever way he got there doesn’t matter,but now he is a leader and a servant to the people and so he should serve them so he can earn their support even though we don’t vote or elect people in Nigeria.
March 26 at 5:05pm
Wisdom Oyeni Akari:
I am not concerned if he wants to govern Rivers. That there is no opposition in Rivers is courtesy the greed of few whom we believed were elected to represents us, and Magnus happened to be the leader then. So what are we talking? I tot Wikina wanted to land at the point but he deviated. Magnus took our collective mandate to bargain for his present position which he cleverly achieved. Stop the people worshipping and say the truth. March 26 at 5:13pm
Diepiriye Tubota:
They’re all the same. March 26 at 5:14pm
Ejima Chima:
Quite a number of them are jst there for their personal aggradisement, be it Magnus Abe or whoever. March 26 at 5:15pm
Napoleon N Ukalikpe:

I we say from the holy book of Almighty father .that .a prophet is not been regarded in his own kingdom . MR. Magnus Abe is a very good material for leadership. If the Ogoins say no .we The Ekpeyes will him. He will still be what . God has signed for this River State. March 26 at 5:26pm
Wisdom Oyeni Akari:
No one should come here and say how saintly this and that are. We are all in the struggle for survival. March 26 at 5:27pm.
Wisdom Oyeni Akari:
@Napo ur view. He is eligible, no doubt. Don’t draw parameters that he might not measure up is my advise. March 26 at 5:30pm.
Dumka R Philip:
Is too early and improper to make any comment on who is fit or unfit… March 26 at 6:06pm
Friday Tanen:
If it is the will of GOD better. March 26 at 6:32pm.
Kenule NaBar:
It’s because Abe is against the will of the Ogoni people. He led a delegation to congratulate Abacha after the killing of Saro-Wiwa & 8 others. March 26 at 7:50pm.
Kenule NaBari:
He wants to be the next governor of rivers state so bori state agitation is not in his book for his people. March 26 at 7:55pm
Kenule NaBari
Currently, Abe is collaborating with his pet master Amaechi to bring Shell back into Ogoniland. Go to http://greatreport.WordPress.com and click on shell digs more graves for the ogoni people or visit Ghana News.com.

2 Comments on Why Are Ogonis Not Crazy About Abe ?

  1. Ambrose Kii // May 5, 2013 at 8:07 am // Reply

    Senator Magnus Abe is a dedicated leader that has Ogoni and Rivers State at heart. He has introduced different programs and moving government closer to the people. I am part of the program and witnessed what Sen. Abe has done in areas like scholarships to students, refurbishing of jetties and farm roads especially at Kaa and Kono watersides, and the farm road at B-Dere. He has also refurbished the abandoned water project at Bane, helped market women with some financial assistance at Bori, Gokana, Oyigbo, Eleme and Tai. The senator has influenced the construction of BMGS Bori and Uegwere a 12- classroom blocks for students and the Re-construction of Kaa community Market stalls contracts. He always leaves Abuja to the senatorial district to meet with his constituents, even travelled to any part of the world for town hall meetings, example, the Mosop remembrance ceremony on November 12, 2011 at Phoenix Arizona and the Eleme conference at Huston Texas in 2012. He is presently building a senatorial office at Bori to accommodate offices for administrative work. I hereby conclude that Sen. Abe is more qualified as a governor of Rivers State.

  2. Peter TamBari // January 12, 2014 at 7:23 pm // Reply

    God help him to actualize his vision in life despite all odds.

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